21 Sep 2017 21:08 #24053 by Rock
Rock replied the topic: ISEC
ISEC Healthcare

Among all the Healthcare stocks ISEC Healthcare rank among the cheapest in term of PE and yield. It is now attractively price at 31 cents. This stock has potential to growth its top and bottom lines and will eventually resultant in the increase in its share price. These are the following reasons:

1. At 31 cents it is trading below prospective 20x PE & ex cash just above 15x PE. ISEC therefore rank the cheapest of all the Healthcare stocks.
2. Over past 3 years from 2014 to 2016; profit growth from $2.0 million to $6.487 million, increased of more than 200%.
3. FY2017 - Q1 net profit = $1.664 million & Q2 = $1.95 million, quarterly compound increased of 17.2%
4. FY2017 dividend yield should be about 4%, @ 31 cents. FY2016 dividend paid out was 0.99 cent yield = 3.2%. FY2017 dividend most likely increase from 0.99 cents to 1.2 cents, yield =3.9%. (Calculation base on 75% dividend paid out) ISEC is a potential “perpetual dividend raise”.
5. Good business profit margin; gross profit margin of near to 50%. Net profit margin of 20%.
6. Company has zero debt and net cash of $22.1 million that is 4.27 cents per share.
7. Asset-light, strong cash flow business model.
8. Ability to replicate business model which features state-of-art technology across markets.
9. Well positioned to capture growing demand for private eye services.

I believing it’s a good times to accumulate ISEC shares. The catalyst for the share price will most likely comes from 3rd quarter result in November 2017 in one to two months time. With threats of war coming from North Korea, ISEC being in healthcare business should be a good pick.

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14 Nov 2017 15:52 #24150 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: ISEC
More info on ISEC:
4Q'16 ... 8.3 mil
1Q'17 ... 8.5 mil
2Q'17 ... 9.2 mil
3Q'17 ... 9.7 mil
4Q'16 ... 1.5 mil
1Q'17 ... 1.7 mil
2Q'17 ... 2.0 mil
3Q'17 ... 2.2 mil
Note: figures are rounded up

From above you can see a clear trending up in sales and net profit.
Currently, company has a cash horde of S$21.8 mil with no debt.

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15 Nov 2017 00:15 #24152 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: ISEC
Some of the reasons why i like ISEC:
1. improving revenue
2. improving net profit
3. high gross margin of 40%
4. high net margin of above 20%
5. no debt
6. high cash of S$21.8 mil
7. paid dividend
8. among the lowest in terms of valuation relative to other health care companies
just sharing ..vested

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16 Nov 2017 00:48 #24155 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: ISEC
Profit history since 2014 (X1000):

2014 .. profit S$1,967
2015 .. profit S$2,760
2016 .. profit S$6,443
9M 2017 ..profit S$5,799
Conpany has characteristics of high gross of above 40% n net margin of above 20%.
Just sharing ..

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17 Nov 2017 20:01 #24157 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: ISEC
Dr Wong - eFORM1_final.pdf

Open market purchase of 100,000 shares at 31.5 cts by Director/Chief Executive Officer

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06 Jan 2018 15:46 #24178 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: ISEC
Open market purchase by Director/Chief Executive Officer

WJS Form 1_final_04Jan2018.pdf

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Share Prices

Counter NameLastChange
AEM Holdings3.4000.090
Alliance Mineral0.420-
Avi-Tech Electronics0.480-
Best World Int.1.3300.010
China Sunsine1.0400.010
CWG International0.194-
DISA Limited0.0150.001
Dutech Holdings0.340-0.005
Federal Int. (2000)0.390-
Food Empire0.695-
Geo Energy0.2700.005
Golden Energy0.4100.010
GSS Energy0.159-0.001
Heeton Holdings0.5900.010
KSH Holdings0.795-0.010
Lian Beng Group0.765-
Nordic Group0.570-
Oxley Holdings0.6950.025
REX International0.0650.001
Serial System0.1660.001
Sing Holdings0.445-
Sino Grandness0.2100.005
Straco Corp.0.8650.015
Sunningdale Tech1.860-
Sunpower Group0.5500.010
The Trendlines0.1530.004
Tiong Seng0.380-
Trek 2000 Int.0.2700.005
Uni-Asia Group1.300-
XMH Holdings0.2700.030
Yangzijiang Shipbldg1.6400.060

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