19 Oct 2017 09:37 #24093 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint

1Half profit ... US$2.76 against last year US$2.07 ..up 33.5%

Last year 3rd n 4th quarter profit US$2.43 and US$2.55 respectively.

Traditionally Excelpoint reported better results in the 2nd half.

Curremtly, company is capitalised at S$71 mil based on price of 61 cts

FYI .. vested

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21 Oct 2017 16:10 #24096 by Nitrosky
Nitrosky replied the topic: Excelpoint
What are your thoughts on the uptrend of current liabilities?

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28 Oct 2017 11:47 #24113 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint
Hi Nitrosky, sorry for the late respond.

About the company's liability ... i am not too concerned. The nature of the company has always been high debt relative to cash. Borrowing was to sustain business growth. Revenue has grown from US$584 mil in 2012 to US$988 mil in 2016 .. almost double. Current revenue is likely to cross the billion dollar mark.

The current liability at half time is - US$273 mil against assets of US$336 mil.

I have been vested w the company for many years and have enjoyed the regular
high dividend. And have seen the company growing in terms of revenue n profitability. I believe the company has entered into a new phase of growth n are likely to see higher revenue n profits.

Results for 3rd quarter shld be out anytime now.

Above are just my assessment n i could be wrong.

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15 Feb 2018 08:25 #24273 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint
As expected Excelpoint produce another set of good results:

1. revenue ...up 16% from US$988.2 mil to US$1,1 bil
2. profit ... up 14 % from US$7.1 mil to US$ 8.1 mil
3. dividend declared ... up from S'pore 4cts to 4.5 cts per share

1st time company revenue has crossed the billion dollar mark.

Its also the 1st time that company has declared a 4.5 cts dividend. Previous year, it was 4.0 cts. This give a dividend yield of 6.6% on current price of 67.5 cts.

Just sharing ... am vested.

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02 Apr 2018 17:34 #24313 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint
Excelpoint builds on nexus role in electronics distribution

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07 Apr 2018 12:23 - 07 Apr 2018 15:05 #24320 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint
My 1st post on this company was in 2013. My entry point was about 30 cts. Over the years i have collected about 24 cts of dividends. Together w the capital gain, this counter has been rewarding to me.

Today i am still optimistic about the company for the following reasons:

1. continuing growth in top n bottom line

2. high dividend yield of 6.5% on current price of 69.5 cts. Company had been consistent in its dividend. Except for 1 year when the dividend dropped to 2.5 cts, all other years the dividend was 4 cts. With improved results the dividend declared for current year is 4.5 cts.

3. expression of confidence by the CEO that the company's revenue may touch $2 billion in 5 years time. This is a hugh improvement compared to the $1 billion
plus the company is doing now.

4. the low valuation. On current price the p/e is only 7.6 X. With further growth, which is quite likely, the p/e will be much lower.

Above are just my thoughts n are for sharing only.

I am happily heavily vested and hope to see the day the revenue reach $2 billion
Last Edit: 07 Apr 2018 15:05 by josephyeo. Reason: correct wrong figure

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