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My Top 3 Safe Stocks For Long Term Investment - Challenger Technologies, ISEC Healthcare & Singapore O&G.

Challenger 3Q2018 & 9M2018

Compared with previous corresponding periods, revenue increased 6% to $82.5 million and 1% to $236.3 million, while net profit jumped 45% to $4.5 million and 35% to $13.8 million for 3Q2018 and 9M2018 respectively. The strong showing came from:
- improved trade show
- corporate sales performance,
- lower operating expenses from the management’s cost control efforts.

For the third quarter ended 30 September 2018, the Group has cash of approximately $61.9m. The Group recorded an operating cash inflow of about $4.0m in 3Q2018. This has resulted mainly from the following:
- operating profit derived for 3Q2018 of $5.9m.
- increase of trade, other receivables and other assets of $3.2m.
- increase in inventory of $1.8m.
- increase of trade, other payables.
- accrued liabilities of $4.5m.
- decrease of other liabilities of $0.3m.
- income tax paid of $1.1m

Higher revenue was primarily due to higher contribution from IT products and services which increased by 6.7% to $80.9m in 3Q2018, from $75.8m in 3Q2017. This was mainly attributable to revenue growth in both corporate sales and tradeshow divisions, partially offset by lower contribution from retail and online sales.

Revenue from the electronic signage services business segment decreased to $0.4m from $1.1m mainly due to partial completion of a major project in 3Q2017.

The net cash outflow for investing activities was mainly due to increased bond investment of $2.0m and acquisitions of equipment and renovations of $0.4m. These were partially offset by proceeds arising from disposal of a bond investment of $0.2m and interest receipts from fixed deposits and bonds of $0.3m In addition, a net cash outflow of $3.8m was used to pay as dividend to shareholders. Hence, cash and cash equivalents decreased by about $1.7m for the period ended 30 September 2018.

The Group achieved revenue of $82.5m for the three months ended 30 September ("3Q2018"), an increase of 6.0% or $4.7m compared to the revenue of $77.8m registered for the three months ended 30 September 2017 ("3Q2017").

Other than the above, no significant difference was noted for other working capital, assets and liabilities, except for the increased inventory level and trade payables as a result of the new Iphone launch and to cater for higher purchases for corporate sales.

Challenger has zero debt and cash flow of $61.9 millions or 18 cents per share.
Share price @ 48 cents trading below 10x PE and yield of 7.7%. (Dividend estimates @ 3.7 cents)



Net profit of the Group in 3Q2018 was S$1.83 million, a decrease of S$0.37 million compared to S$2.19 million in 3Q2017, mainly due to:
- Administrative expenses increased by 16% to S$2.15 million in 3Q2018 malnourished due to increased staff related-costs across the Group and other operating expenses attributable to the increased business activities of the Group.

- Income tax expense: The effective tax rates of the Group in 3Q2017 and 3Q2018 were 20% and 23% respectively. The statutory corporate tax rates are 17% in Singapore and 24% in Malaysia.

9M2018 profit = $6.2m increased by 7% over 9M2017.

Company has zero debt. Cash flow increased from $21.77m to $23.658m or 4.6 cents per share.
Share price @ 28.5 cents, trading above 15x PE and yield of 4.5%. (My initial dividend was estimated @ 1.5 cents was lower to 1.28 cents in regard to 3Q result.)


SINGAPORE O&G 3Q2018 & 9M2018

Company continues to post double-digit Growth in earnings for 2018.

- Group revenue increased by S$1.4 million or 17.6% over the same period last year.
- Net profit after tax increased by S$0.5 million or 23.4% over the same period last year.
- Earnings per share increased by 0.12 cents or 24.5% over the same period last year.

The Group continues to generate a healthy net operating cash flows of S$9.8 million for YTD Sep 2018. There were no borrowings or any debt securities and instruments as at 30 September 2018.

9M2018 profit = $9.12m increased by 40.6% over 9M2017.

Company has zero debt. Cash flow increased from $17.5m to $18.1m. Share price @ 34.5 cents, trading below 15x PE and yield of 5.2% (dividend estimates @ 1.8 cents)
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* First the significant effect on the global economy was the trade war lunched by United States against China.

* Secondly was the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, which included several rate hikes over the past year. This year will the rate continue to hike?

* The ongoing aftermath of the Brexit vote.

So far the US dollar has remained strong over the previous year.
Economic indicators in the US performed well in the second and third quarters of last year.

US recents announcement:
- The US trade gap with the rest of the world jumped to a 10-year high of US$621bn last year, dealing a blow to President Donald Trump's deficit reduction plan.
- Jobs shock as growth slows. The US economy created the lowest number of jobs for a year-and-a-half in February, well below forecasts.
All these paints a mixed picture laced with uncertainty on the direction of the stock markets.

Our economy show sign of slowing down.

One question for sure the world will always continues to be fragile and uncertain place. However wise approach to investing and close analysis of the opportunities can still be richly reward this year.
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